Wombyn to WombMan

Being queer has no bearing on race, my white publicist said
true love is never affected by color

I curb the flashes of me crashing across the table
to knock his blond skin
from Manhattan to Montego Bay
to bear witness to
the bloody beatings of brown boys
accused of the homosexual crime of buggery amidst the new fangled fads and fallacies
the New Age claims that
sexual and racial freedom has finally come for all
these under-informed
pseudo-intellectual utterances
reflect how apolitical the left has become

It is now commonplace to hear young activists say
The terms lesbian and Black and radical
come across as confrontational
Why can’t people just be people?

Tongue and courage tied with fear
I am at once livid
ashamed and paralyzed
by the neoconservatism
breeding malicious amongst us

Two spirit
Non-gender conforming
every year we add a new fucking letter
yet every year
I become more and more afraid to say
who I am